Blog Comment Guidelines / FAQ


Do you moderate comments?

I reserve the right not to post any comment, or to remove it later.  I will elect not to post comments only when they are clearly spam or when they are possibly libelous, invoke or advocate violence or criminal behavior, or are otherwise threatening, harassing, abusive or defamatory.  Dissenting comments are welcomed and are not omitted unless they fit into the above categories.  I encourage dialogue (and guest posts, especially guest virtual library tours).

What kind of comments are you looking for?

I value comments representing the entire range of views.  I encourage all types of comments (provided they do not fit in the categories listed above), and especially those about work, trends and experience in the public library field.  I hope to offer a setting for the free flow of ideas between practitioners.  I also encourage readers to submit respectful, polite and professional comments.  I do not encourage personal attacks, libelous claims, profanity, abuse, harassment and commercial promotions.

Do you edit comments?

No.  Comments are either approved or not approved.

When and where will my comments be displayed?

Comments are usually displayed within one business day in the comments section of the relevant blog entry.

What is required to submit a comment?

Your name and email address, of which only your name will be displayed publicly on the blog.  Submitting your name and email address encourages respectful participation among readers and allows me to contact you with further questions if relevant.

Am I anonymous?

In this rapidly evolving world, it is always safe to assume that true anonymity is difficult to attain.  A few things to keep in mind when writing your blog comments follow.

  • It is a good idea to be respectful of your current organization, business or institution.

  • Do not name colleagues, patrons or other community members without their consent.

  • Try to provide context to your argument so that readers understand your reasoning.

  • Do not publish or distribute illegaly copied music, movies, software, images or other intellectual property.

  • Do not publish any information or software used to circumvent software licensing or registration.
  • Given that the legal code is constantly evolving, you may be held legally responsible for your comments if they are determined to be libelous or otherwise in violation of legal code.

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