Incredible Isla

Cancun in the distance from the southwestern side of the isla

The city can be seen from IM’s southwestern coast

Isla Mujeres, just a short ferry ride from Cancun, Mexico is a gorgeous place to live with sparkling warm aquamarine water and amazing beaches of the softest white sand.  A popular day out for tourists and locals, it’s tranquil in the evening when everyone leaves as there are only about 13,000 residents.

La biblioteca

La biblioteca

The island is small – about five miles long and very narrow, so the Biblioteca Pública Municipal 17 de Agosto is conveniently located at the midpoint in Colonia Las Salinas, a nice little village with brightly painted houses.  The library is downtown, by the stadium, tennis court, a magnificent children’s play area and a pretty white bandstand in the center of a decorative brick pavilion.

Librarian's station

Librarian’s desk with Mexican flag

Unfortunately, when we walked down there on the weekend it was closed so I came back a few days later and was warmly welcomed by Hayde and Mercy.

They graciously showed me around this pleasant facility furnished with some interesting old pieces.

Vacationer's donations

Vacationers’ discards

In the Area Infantil, youngsters amuse themselves with toys and kid’s books.  A curtained cabinet in one corner has craft supplies, a CD player and crockery for refreshments.  A bubbler provides clean drinking water and they can shut a door to prevent noise from distracting older patrons.

Donated toys

Donated animals

Colorful piñatas dangle over the miniature furniture and an alphabet chart hangs near the door with a map of the world across from it.

Children's area

Children’s room

The building is shaded by palms and flanked by tropical greenery keeping temps agreeable in the midday heat.  Out back a grassy walled space is perfect for telling stories in the emerald cool under the trees.



They manage to squeeze a lot of titles in, and the shelves of the Colección General are quite full.

Adult area with card catalogin background

Adult tables, stacks, card catalog and suggestion box

And there are even books for non Spanish speakers.

Foreign titles

Foreign titles

The staff gives great service to all customers.


Hayde on the left and Mercy on the right

What a sweet spot, and so handy for the adjacent school!


Beautiful new playground across the street

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