Please send your favorite things (Reminder)

Just a reminder that I’m doing a blog post very soon on your (and my) favorite things about libraries.  I’ve only received feed back from a couple of readers and I’d really rather the post wasn’t mostly my thoughts… 

So please, give me some input, what do you love about your job?  What’s so great about your local library or your place of work?  What about other libraries you’ve visited or read about in this blog and elsewhere?  Just email me at  We all want to hear your thoughts about what makes public libraries such a great resource.

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2 Responses to Please send your favorite things (Reminder)

  1. Kathy S says:

    I love the variety of my job. As a children’s librarian, I do crafts, sing, and do database training. Also, I am constantly learning because when I man the reference desk I get all sorts of questions that I know nothing about, but I then research along w/ the patron. I get to be silly with the little kids, I get to be intellectually stimulated by the adults, and I get a nice excuse to read YA literature that I thoroughly enjoy. I get to talk books w/ people of all ages who are also passionate about reading.

  2. jshaffner says:

    I totally agree. As soon as I started working in a library I realized I had found my calling-a place where I was surrounded by the books and movies I loved and by people who also loved them, be they staff or patrons. At the same time I really felt like I was helping people, which made me feel good about the work I was doing and about myself.

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