A Few of Your Favorite Things, Please!

Calling all readers of this blog!

In the past three years (and especially in the last year), I’ve visited a lot of different and wonderful libraries.  I’ve seen so many great things and have discovered an incredible amount of imagination and creativity.  Innovative services, cool programs, shining examples of community cooperation, unexpected materials, beautiful library decor, construction, landscaping and locations are just a few of the many things libraries provide to their communities. 

It’s been a bit overwhelming, so to put it in perspective, I’m planning on writing a post to be published late October-early November highlighting what I like best about the libraries I’ve seen.  But to provide a broader view, I’d really like to include your perceptions too. 

So please, email me directly at jsshaffner@hotmail.com with comments on your favorite library features -be they libraries I’ve written about, or ones you personally use, work at, have heard about or have visited etc.   Let me know if I can use your name or if you’d rather your comments were anonymously posted.  I’d love to include any jpeg pictures you care to send (as long as you have the right to give me permission to use them for this blog and you’ve made sure any people in the photos are okay with having me put their pictures online). 

So please if you’ve got anything you’d like to share with the other readers about cool things you’ve seen in libraries, email me.

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