Alamosa Adding Area

Southern Peaks Public Library in Alamosa

is in the San Luis Valley, surrounded by 14ers (14,000 foot tall mountains for you non-Coloradan readers – CO has over 50 of them) and by the amazing Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve.

The 6,000 square foot library may seem a bit crowded now, but when the city government complex is completed it will more than double its size to 13,000 square feet.  The plans show it backing on the Rio Grande Riverwalk and sharing a roof with city hall with a common area in the middle (sorry for the glare from the glass model case, but click on them to get a better idea).

They’ll have two patios – a storyroom adjoining the rear patio by the trees and one in front by the wheelchair parking.  Note the tall tower to the right of the front patio which will be a large sunfilled reading room.  Plus they’ll have room for a teen area, and much better views of the surrounding snow capped peaks (now hampered a bit by construction of the fire department).

Currently it’s a nice, well-used open library with a cool display of the barbed wire that built (or divided, depending on your world view) the West, right by their genealogy room.

They have wi-fi, 23 adult internet computers and they do guest passes.  The children’s area has five slightly filtered stations

and there are comfy bean bag chairs stored everywhere for lounging with a good read.

Though cushy chairs are more inviting for aging backs.

Some innovative touches include this English phone box children’s CD storage.

And the power meters for checkout.

It’s a very welcoming and friendly place and thanks to Salai Taylor, library manager, for showing me around.  I’ll be back in a few years to see the new facility.  And congratulations to one library that has managed to expand despite the recession – obviously the people of Alamosa realize the importance of such a valued institution.

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