ICMA Report on Public Libraries

With the support of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the International City/County Management Association just issued a new report, Maximize the Potential of Your Public Library.  For the quick conclusions (and a great checklist to make sure your library is recognized as a huge community asset), see page 11.  You might want to pass on a copy to your governing body too. 

And speaking of recognition, wouldn’t it be nice to have Mr Atkins as a supporter (see this letter he wrote to my local paper)?   The petition is also a quick lesson on why libraries need their own districts, as even dedicated funding can be tapped during these desperate financial times.

3/17/11 I just read that JeffCo (CO) Libraries filed suit because the county won’t let them become a district and Save JeffCo Libraries includes a letter from Jamie LaRue explaining why districts are better

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