My New Library

I’ve finally started the process of moving my patronage to my closest library, which is the Columbine branch of Jefferson County Public Library.

The 30,000 square foot facility is at the edge of Clement Park and the whole southern side is a curved facade of windows (topped by the Jorge Luis Borgia quote “I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.”) with desks overlooking the Johnson Reservoir and the Front Range foothills.

Unfortunately I didn’t see any outdoor seating or easy access to the park, but perhaps because it’s fall, they’ve moved furniture inside…

It’s always busy, with the 22+ adult internet computers in constant demand (which also means I can’t take many pictures as it’s hard to get shots without people in them).  It is a local polling place and has Xcel power meters for check out, two signs that the library is in close contact with other community entities.  Although they do charge for their meeting rooms, they have a couple of study rooms and the lobby has chairs and tables for impromptu meetings and chats.

They seem to be able to cram a lot into the library without making it looked cluttered, perhaps because many of their offices are just partitioned spaces smack in the middle of the library – what a great way to keep an ear out for problems, questions and besieged staff needing reinforcements!  In any case, the roominess means there’s loads of places for patrons to work, read and relax, and they’ve got permanent areas for self pick up of holds, the book sale, tax forms, two microfiche/film readers and a “home office” space with the printer, copier, typewriter (! – good for them, we were always digging ours out of storage, especially for those dreaded multipart 1099’s and W2s) scissors, paper puncher etc.

With all the windows and features, there’s not much room for art, but I do love this display case over the Return slot.

And I think every library should feature oversize maps of their area. 

Denver area maps

The children’s room had loads of stuffed animals, eight more internet computers and a play area with a great mural, toys and an inviting rug perfect for parents wanting to play with their children.

There’s artwork from local students.

And I love this tilted desk – great for budding architects and artists.

So I’m delighted to be visiting more often-especially as they have a very patron friendly 10 day period for holds to be picked up (the 7 day limit at Douglas County Libraries sometimes meant extra trips), and they check out magazines.  The only thing I miss is the 100 item limit for placing holds that Douglas County had – here it’s only 40, so I have to be pretty selective about what I request as I’m already at my limit 😉 – other than that it’s perfect!

How long do patrons have to pick up holds at your library?  Do you limit the number of holds they can place (and if so why)?  Do you check out most non current issues of magazines (and if you don’t, why not?  How do you tell what’s being used)?

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