Update – Sorry – Reference Renaissance Conference Presentations are no longer available.

Update – it appears all the materials from both BCR sponsored Reference Renaissance Conferences have been removed from the web and are no longer available ūüė¶

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Second Reference Renaissance Conference Presentations Now Available

Many PowerPoint presentations, handouts etc. for¬†BCR‘s Reference Renaissance conference are now available here.¬†See some comments about the conference at Facebook and read¬†the article by Josh Hadro from Library Journal (I especially like Nate Hill’s comments¬†about what San Jose PL did).¬†

As you know, I’m no longer at BCR, and unfortunately, my schedule didn’t allow me to attend (though¬†BCR kindly offered to let me go for free),¬†but I had a chance to spend some time with one of the plenary panelists, Jean Costello, the Radical Patron, after the conference and she told me that it was a great learning opportunity.¬† That a lay person so involved with libraries had so much to learn should be a great reminder of how many people still don’t realize all that the¬†wonderful things the library can do for them.¬† We have a long way to go with marketing.¬† Which was why I was so pleased that collaboration was a huge theme at the event.¬†¬†For an excellent¬†blueprint of what we should do, read Jean’s post Inching Toward a National Public Library Corporation¬†regional library organizations and others¬†take note.

So did you get a chance to attend?¬† What did you learn?¬† What do you think about a National Library Corporation and how are you collaborating to maximize the impact of your budget and your staff’s time?

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