My First Job

The lovely Bacon Free Library in South Natick (just over two miles away and not a branch of Morse) is the reason I stubbornly and foolishly refused to get my MLS until I was 35, even though my love of reading and trivia and finding the answer made public reference librarianship my perfect career choice. 

Bacon Free Library

My mother was the librarian there from 1969 to 1976 and got me a job as a page, which I loathed – putting away books – ugh!  Maybe it was because I always seemed to be shelving adult books and I was a kid (so none of those oh-so-addictive serendipitous moments when you find a great read), but I stayed away from libraries for a long time after that (which was easy because my mother brought me home tons of books to choose from).

In any case, BFL is really cool and kind of scary and quirky (disclaimer – I hope my memories of 40 years ago are accurate but I’ve already been caught misremembering a view down into the library from the top of this great staircase which leads to a walkway surrounding the glass ceiling – sadly (and probably for liability reasons) it’s blocked off to the public).

When I was a kid, this staircase made the library magical

It’s right near the South Natick Falls (my mother told us that anytime librarians had meetings there everyone had extremely frequent comfort breaks due to the suggestive sound of the rushing waters of the Charles River), with great views of the picturesque town. 

Views of S. Natick Falls


Love the window seat


Just outside the library-falls are between the cars

The Natick Historical Society is in the basement and I could swear I remember a stuffed owl and other spooky things amongst the old collections.

As you can tell from this unique fence (note the crosses and arrows) –

Symbolic fence for BFL

– S. Natick was the home to “Praying Indians” (organized by John Eliot into “praying towns”), and this fence commemorates that with crosses and arrows. 

The woman at the desk, Dawn Schontag, was very helpful and informative and she told us that they were having story hour that day at the nearby organic farm (great way to integrate library services into other community businesses).  It’s such a cute little library and manages to have fairly accessible hours and wireless, and even offers museum passes  (well not free, but discounted) – a service I’ve mainly seen in New England and highly recommend all libraries start offering – especially as it lets you partner with other local learning institutions.

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