Library of the Lake (in Traverse City, MI)

I was just in Traverse City visiting relatives and my mother-in-law told me I had to see the Traverse Area District Library.

Traverse City Library

It’s huge.  And in an absolutely gorgeous location by a park (that includes an old train depot – always a hit with kids) and the windsurfer studded lake.

View of park and Lake Michigan

They have a library for the blind and physically handicapped and great display cases.

Puppets in display case

Of course, being near a shipping area they have to have a model of one.

Ship in lobby

There’s also a gift shop.

Gift Shop

And a great atrium area with a grand piano where I imagine they have performances.

There’s a lovely old meeting room with the city directories and a grandfather clock, and loads of little study rooms.  Travelers passing through can access the internet in their computer area (which is behind closed doors so the often noisy computer users won’t disturb the rest of the patrons).  And of course they have lots of floor to ceiling windows there with more lake views and this cool mobile sculpture.

Mobile sculpture and great view of lake and park

Their sight and sound library is one of the five best in the country (per a very enthusiastic and justifiably proud woman at its desk whose name I unfortunately didn’t catch) with shelves set up like a music store so you can easily flip through CDs, plus really helpful staff who’ll show you how to download books, music etc.

Backdrop of sight and sound library desk

But the best part is the Children’s Garden.

Entrance to children's garden

Each kid’s group (Girl Scouts etc.) has a plot to grow veggies, and they can explore the scent and touch garden as well as the butterfly garden.  I loved this Frog King there.

Sculpture in Children's Garden

And was enchanted by this waterway. 

Waterway in garden

They even have an outdoor pizza oven.  Honestly these Michiganders seem to have thought of everything – what a perfect library!

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4 Responses to Library of the Lake (in Traverse City, MI)

  1. Dear Justine – thankyou for the fabulous “shout out”! and great pictures too! We are quite proud of our library.

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  3. gina williams says:

    We LOVE the TC Library. What a treasure for the comunity and visitors to the area. We travel to the TC area once to twice a year and try to visit the library and Children’s gardens each time. GreaT spot. Love from northern MN, the williams

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