Great Marketing Idea

Because anyone in Colorado can still use the Colorado Library Card and go to the public library of their choosing, I still go to the Highlands Ranch branch of Douglas County Libraries.  It’s a lovely library, with xeriscaped grounds conveniently located right next to a park with fountains for kids to play in


and has a balcony with umbrellas so you can enjoy the CO sunshine while visiting.


Even though I worked at a different branch, I still know many staffers at Highlands Ranch and it’s great to catch up with them weekly.  So I was delighted with DCL’s new marketing campaign that features library staff.



What a great way to personalize the library experience and find out something about library employees (so you know who to ask if you want a recommendation on a subject of interest to them).  Of course I know Tim and Jordana, but I’d think even new patrons would find these profile posters intriguing.  Does this seem like something that would go over well at your library?

Sadly I probably won’t get to see posters for everyone I know at DCL.  I no longer drive that way on my way home from work, and since I often write about being environmentally aware, I really can’t justify the 30 mile roundtrip drive to Highlands Ranch.  Columbine, my local library, is only two miles away, but I nearly always have around 100 items on hold and have been dreading the process of transferring all the holds to JeffCo Libraries – to say nothing of losing my place in the queue – what will I read and watch while I’m waiting for my turn?

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