The Librarian is Out and About

As you may know, BCR is shutting down this Fall/Winter (and remember our members can try Lyrasis for training, consulting, great database pricing etc.) – so we’d been slimming staff down for a year, and my turn finally came up.  Perfect timing as my last day was 6/30 – the start of summer 🙂  In any case, BCR has been kind enough to let me keep this blog going.  As I look for a job we’re going to do a little traveling (yay internet and free public library access – searching for employment while on the road is a breeze these days) and I’ll be visiting public libraries around the country along the way and writing posts about  cool stuff they are doing, with pics of interesting building features etc.  BCR will also be doing some guest postings here about the Reference Renaissance conference and other activities, so stay tuned!

But as I exit BCR, I’d just like to thank all the wonderful people I’ve met in the last 2+ years.  Working at BCR was such an incredibly enriching opportunity for me.  I learned so much and have never felt as challenged (even at the reference desk, which is saying a lot).  I overcame my fear of public speaking and writing and got the chance to travel to some great places, checking out amazing libraries and talking to amazing librarians along the way.  And I heard so many stories – inspiring ones about how librarians are saving towns in this economy, encouraging ones about funding coups, heartwarming ones about green initiatives, community engagement and being thought and learning leaders for the community, and unfortunately, tragic ones about budget and staffing cuts and library closures.

So thank you to the unwaveringly dedicated, hardworking, intelligent staff at BCR, including the ones who’ve already moved on, and especially Brenda, who gave me this chance to expand my horizons and capabilities.  A huge thank you to the members of our Public Library Advisory Group – you do such creative things.  And a big shout out to all the Plinkit people –  Darci, Jim… it’s been so great working with you all.  To the Reference Renaissance folks (especially Marie, the human dynamo) –  you’ve been so helpful and this will be the best conference ever.  To Liz and the WebWise planning people – it was a lot of fun.  To all the people I’ve met and talked to in/at ND, AK, WA, OR, CO, KS, PLA Turning the Page and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – I’ve learned so much about advocacy from you.  And to all the other people who’ve helped me – with presentations, giving library tours, participating in classes etc., thank you all.

And of course to you, my blog subscribers, thanks for reading (and I hope you keep doing so)!

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