OK City

I’m in Oklahoma City exhibiting and presenting at the MPLA/OLA joint conference.

Me, Marie Bloechle and Beth Avery at our presentation

Since yesterday was the 15th anniversary of the bombing (see Disasters-Federal Building Bombing) at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building I felt I should go and take a look at the memorial.

OK City Bombing Memorial Reflecting Pool

It was very affecting – beside the beautiful reflecting pool stood a building with all its windows boarded up – an obvious reminder of the tragedy that occured there in 1995.  On the other side of the pool were chairs for each of the victims, but what really got to me were 19 smaller chairs for each of the 19 children killed in the travesty.  Teddy bears and stuffed animals sat next to flowers memorializing them.

Child's Memorial

But while OK City remembers the event, it’s not a depressing place.  All around downtown, there were wonderful sculptures – a huge guitar, a cowboy boot, and lots of vibrantly colored buffalo, including this one in front of the OK City Public Library, a beautiful modern structure right in the middle of downtown, which really helps to perk up the area.

Oklahoma City Downtown Library w/ Buffalo Sculpture in Front

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