Breathtaking Bozeman

In Bozeman exhibiting and presenting at the Montana Library Association Conference and I actually got a chance to attend a few sessions.

Kari Grimm from Bozeman PL demonstrating Smilebox

Kate Holloway and Kari Grimm talked about getting the most out of your Digital Video Cameras with Smilebox (R) a free website which lets you resize pictures, send eCards, make collages, add text, create slideshows and calendars, import from flickr ®, email files, burn them to DVD, or post them to a blog or Facebook.  And it’s compatible with both PC and Macs.

Jamie Johnston’s The Value of a Book was all about using a PDA and partnering with Amazon to scan books in your used book sale to get book values.   It’ll even flag collectible books, so you know which are rare.

Gail Kouame from the National Network of Libraries of Medicine presented Can I Wash My Fruit with Comet? which covered ways to “go greener” at work and home and linked to loads of resources on environmental health – even fun and educational pages for kids and teens in English and Spanish.  Hot tip for your patrons – domestic violence agencies often let you recycle your cell phones as they’ll reuse them for their clients.  And if you’re looking for programming money, they award small grants for health and environmental programs.

Due to the derth of flights from Bozeman to Denver, I finally got a chance to see a bit of an area I was visiting.  Downtown Bozeman’s a happening place with music streaming out of pubs, everyone enjoying the 50 degree temps in flipflops and shorts, and public art everywhere.   The Bozeman Public Library reflects the town’s love of culture – sculptures and artwork abound.

Bozeman PL w/ just one of its many public art pieces

Really good art for sale - cheap! - in the library lobby

Pottery display

Main area of library w/ even more sculptures

Even their lighting system looks like art.

Almost sculpture like lighting system-it's directed up for ambient light

Inside, the library was hopping on this Saturday afternoon with users curled up in chairs in the many reading nooks, using the multiple study rooms, pawing through their freecyled (yay!) magazine bins, enjoying the cafe…

What an inviting library coffee shop - note the books on the back wall

…or the vista.

And of course, mountain views nearly everywhere you sit

The children’s area is just delightful.

Entrance to the children's room w/ magnetic pieces on right kids can design w/

And kites on the Kid's area ceiling!

And as a hiking addict I was thrilled to see the library is the start of one of many local trails.

My kind of library - it has its own "Main Street to the Mountains Trail"

Many thanks to Bozeman PL’s director, Alice M. Meister, who was one of my session facilitators and highly recommended I check out this wondrous faciltity.

Bozeman, it’s my kind of place!

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3 Responses to Breathtaking Bozeman

  1. Erica says:

    Wow! What a charming, bright and delightful library!

  2. Dear Justine,

    We at the MLA Conference really enjoyed having you here and greatly appreciated your informative presentations. Thank you so very much for the lovely article on Bozeman and our Library! Best, Alice

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