Reinventing Circulation Jobs

Carey  Hartmann (Assistant County Librarian), Lucie Osborn (County Librarian), both from Laramie County Library System in Cheyenne, WY and Carol  Edwards, Children’s Services Manager, Denver Public Library and I presented on this. It’s all about how to continue providing incredible customer service when you can’t hire more librarians and what to do with circulation staff as automation makes their jobs obsolete.  Here’s the link to our PowerPoints and handouts (do a find on “Reinventing Circulation”).  If you  have any trouble uploading them (I think you’ll need to save them, then open them for some reason), please email me at and I can send them to you directly.  Also, Lucie’s is the 3.23M one, Carey’s is 4.19M, Carol’s is 2.05 M and mine is 2.22M…

Carey, Lucie, Justine and Carol

Also, our session was recorded, so the audio should soon be available at the conference website.
Phew, our session is over and I can now enjoy an almost sunny evening in Portland.
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