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I just discovered The M Word  which has some great tips for promoting libraries. 

Aside from bringing you some really fun library models like Britain’s phone booth library and the donkey library (7/20/11 update, PBS just did a cool documentary on this Biblioburro donkey library), Nancy and Kathy blogged on Calgary Public Library’s great grocery store ads, ALA’s Library Advocacy Day video (OK, I’m a softie, but it brought tears to my eyes) and social media cards, to name just a few topics.  They bring you library success stories, market research statistics and tons of other helpful news and information.  I especially like their thoughts on who should determine what a “library” really is.

And speaking of helpful research, I was heartened to read on p. 21 of the 12/09 issue of American Libraries that libraries are far more important than park districts to the public (not that I don’t love CO’s open space areas, but I have to admit libraries affect more people than great hiking trails do) – search on “park districts” at the link for this reference.

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