The Holidays in Public Libraries

This time of year I get a little nostalgic about working in a public library.  Being at BCR is wonderful, but I don’t have contact with the public anymore and during the holidays I really miss that. 

The library always looks so festive with twinkling lights, decorations and evergreen branches everywhere.  Everyone is in an excited state of anticipation, especially the children.  They look so happy when they come out of the holiday programs and storytimes and come by the reference desk to check the progress on NORAD’s Santa Tracker which we’d leave up on one of our computers. 

The staff room is full of tasty treats and Santa’s extra costume hangs on the back of the staff bathroom door.  Ho ho ho can be heard throughout the library along with the sound of reindeer bells.  Everyone dresses in colorful holiday sweaters and pins.  And there are so many gifts and cards and goodies from grateful patrons (undeserved as we’re just doing our jobs, but very appreciated).

Perhaps this year the picture is a little bleaker with the bad economy.  So many people are struggling to get presents for their kids (locally we’ve had a disturbing number of bank robberies), but libraries always step up to the plate here as they help with Toys for Tots campaigns and disseminate information on charitable resources to help make it a merry season for everyone.

So if you are lucky enough to have a job in that special place called a public library, treasure it and the good work that you are doing, and have a very happy/merry Hanukkah, Solstice, Kwanzaa, Christmas, Eid Al-Fitr or just a few secular days off!

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One Response to The Holidays in Public Libraries

  1. Krista says:

    I’ve always enjoyed working Christmas Eve day – especially on the Children’s floor – and yes, Norad is a staple at our library too! We don’t get many kids in that day – but those who do are so excited. Now that I have a little guy of my own, I’m spending the day with him.

    Happy Holidays!

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