Horrific Advertisement Attacking Public Libraries

My blood ran cold when I saw this ad – Close all the libraries; alternatives exist –  that ran in the Omaha World-Herald.  School and university libraries can’t provide the materials public libraries do – and it’s not their place to do so.   And that’s not even considering the resources and help for job seekers, businesses etc. that we provide.  How anyone can be this self-serving and short-sighted, especially these days when strapped and desperate job seekers are rediscovering the library in droves, is beyond me.  Luckily the comments beneath the ad show that most people are as appalled by their screed as I am. 

So tell me, can our advocacy efforts ever hope to enlighten these insular thinkers?

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One Response to Horrific Advertisement Attacking Public Libraries

  1. Susan V says:

    Frankly, no. The authors of this ad probably will not be brought around, but that’s not the point of advocacy. What you can do successfully, however, is counter these types of myths and influence the people in the middle. The people on the extremes, you will never convince, and there’s no point in trying. The people who are open to influence either way are the ones to focus on.

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