I want to see ’em skate

Death Track Dolls

Talk about eliminating barriers to service – lack of parking is not an issue at busy Houston Public Library branches, they’ll deliver materials right to your car.  Seems like they are very committed to their patrons, but I’d really like to see them strap on roller skates (why do I have a vague recollection that this is how pages at the Library of Congress used to get around the stacks?).

There are skating librarians out there.  Jan Dawson is a Death Track Doll and Beth Hollis is a Rubber City Rollergirl.  So much for the meek librarian stereotype.  Now if they could just coach the Texans, HPL could halve their response time.

9/16 – Wow, roller derby librarians are not as rare as you’d think.  This was just on the DIG_REF list serv –

Does anyone working in your library participate in roller derby?  If so, please forward them this email.

Do you work in a library and skate, coach, ref, or volunteer for a roller derby team?  If so, we need your help!  Jennifer Hughes (aka Bout Girl) and Casey Schacher (aka Wikibleedia) are roller derby librarians, and will be presenting a paper entitled “Profiles of Librarians and Roller Derby Girls” at the south-regional Pop and American Culture Conference.

Please help us by completing the following survey:

http://sas.coastal.edu/snaponline/surveylogin.asp?k=3D125296064956 (enable cookies first)

Please direct all questions or requests for more information about this study to:
Jennifer Hughes
jhughes@coastal.edu or Casey Schacher cschache@coastal.edu

12/2 I recently heard about libraries that have drive up service windows like banks that let you pick up holds.  You can even call them to make sure an item is there and then pick it up at the window immediately.  And some Nebraska libraries will bring materials out to people’s cars just like Houston.

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One Response to I want to see ’em skate

  1. jan dawson says:

    woohoo! thanks for the shout out!

    jan (aka downright dirty dawson, #Z682)

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