Orem (UT) Public Library

While I was in Utah this week, Louise Wallace

(aren’t those stained glass windows gorgeous!) from the Orem Public Library gave me a tour of their facility.  It’s a lovely building – 62,000 square feet in two wings with three stories.  Situated in a park (which allows for teddy-bear picnics),

right in the center of town, the building has loads of space, light and views. 

For a medium sized library (93,000 in their service area) they have an amazing selection of programs and lots of innovative features.  They’ve had Iranian and Chinese film festivals and their annual Timpanogos Storytelling Festival attracts 25,000 attendees from all over the country.  Their recorded jazz collection is probably the best in the Rocky Mountain region and they have a wonderful silent and foreign film collection (so their Technical Services staff does original cataloging). 

Residents take advantage of the wireless internet access and love the self check and self help holds.  They help customers become proficient with technology by offering a variety of classes including ones on working with digital photos and vital records in their 12 computer training room and at their four assisted reference computers.  But my favorite piece of equipment was their huge computer touch table which lets groups work together on projects.

The children’s area is really delightful. 

Great displays abound

Go Green! Summer reading program display (love those sunglassses!)

and there are all sorts of areas for lapsits and storytelling.  There’s also a huge ship

populated with characters from the storytelling festival.

What a wonderful and inspiring place to visit!

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2 Responses to Orem (UT) Public Library

  1. KAG says:

    That is so cool to see public libraries picking up on the Microsoft Surface technology. I hope the MS team has seen the Orem library ad, I’m sure they would be pleased.

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