The Web and the Book

Kindle sales are revving up, and now that they have a larger version that won’t make us all blind, this may well be the future of reading.  If nothing else, Kindle saves a lot of trees. 

So since we’re reading books electronically, will it be long before most aspects of reading are done online?  There are already a variety of online book groups and reader’s advisory websites have been around for years.  Libraries offer an assortment of subscription reader’s advisory databases like Reader’s Advisor Online, Novelist and Fiction Connection.  Even Booklist Online now offers a Search for Similar Titles feature. 

And some libraries are getting to be more proactive.  I just tried Jefferson County’s Personalized Reading Recommendation service, and though it took the full two weeks to get results (see my 5/26 post on this) I must say I was pretty pleased with them.  They recommended several authors I already read (which means they were right on track), but they also suggested at least ten authors I hadn’t heard of or considered.  Six of the titles looked so promising I immediately put them on hold.

There’s even a website that allows you to find people to have private one-on-one book discussions with.  The Learning Xchange is endorsed by several librarians, and as its popularity increases, so will the likelihood of your finding someone who wants to enter the same discussion you do, so spread the word to your book groups.  To see what discussions they have to offer, at the home page under “Peer to Peer Learning”, type an “a” (e.g.) in the “Title, Author or ISBN #” box.  The site offers other opportunities for learning and coaching as well.

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