Library Gardening

Spring is here and while thoughts may turn to “flowers” (beautiful new materials), it’s a good time to make sure your library “garden” has space so “flowers” can be seen and appreciated.  So weed out the dead and useless debris that’s been cluttering your garden.  Here’s some amusing inspiration in the form of a new blog, Awful Library Books.

And to help you deaccession in a systematic way, Texas updated CREW: a Weeding Manual for Modern Libraries in 2008 and put it online.

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2 Responses to Library Gardening

  1. Katharine Phenix says:

    Have you looked at the Gwinnett County PL system of weeding? I like it much better because it has year-round guidelines and some good rules of thumb for ‘thinning’ fiction.

  2. jshaffner says:

    Good tip Katharine thanks! I like Gwinnett too, but they don’t have a free online resource that I know of 😉

    Here’s a citation for it though – Gwinnett County (GA) Public Library Weeding Manual. 2nd edition. Chicago: PLA, 2002 $30

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