Customer Feedback as Blog Fodder

Thanks to Glenn Harper, from Frankston Library Service in Australia for this great use of customer comment forms.  They’ve started posting a monthly pdf of patron input (it looks like any remarks that could be used to identify someone have been stripped, so patron privacy is preserved).  

It’s fun to read, but it also gives all staff a chance to see feedback (often positive) and ideas from their customers.  And users can see what other patrons are saying so they can jump on the bandwagon, or add their own opinions on these ideas.  What a great tool for increasing community participation in the library (to say nothing of increasing transparency in library management – if there are enough comments about e.g. more convenient hours or more DVDs, administrators might find it difficult to justify being closed on Sundays or spending most of their funds on books).

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2 Responses to Customer Feedback as Blog Fodder

  1. Glenn Harper says:

    When we linked the customer feedback posts from the library’s front page for a few months, we were getting over 30 visits a month via that link, which I think shows some interest in it.

    It’s a way of being open and acknowledging both the good and the bad of customer experience and of letting management have thier opportunity to respond. The pdfs I use are created from Word posters that are also popped up in the library. I figured that if it’s on the library floor, then it can also be in blog.

    Thankyou for your positive promotion of this initiative.


  2. jshaffner says:

    So it also increases your website traffic!

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