Shovers and Makers

Or is it Shavers and Bakers as Peter Bromberg thought?  Regardless, for all you amazing librarians out there who have waited patiently for years to be recognized by Library Journal as a Mover and Shaker, there’s an award out there with your name on it – Shovers and Makers – and you have to nominate yourself!  No one else can do it for you, so no modesty please, take your bows and claim your prize!


It’s an interesting list with some real innovators on it like Melissa Kiser, who’s become the face of her library with her video promotions.  And Julia Haverstock, who did a 23 Things program for her high school community.  Joe Kraus, and others, took the best thing about conferences, the hallway and after hours discussions, and turned them into the Library Camp of the WestMeredith Farkas created an online learning program, Five Weeks to a Social LibraryElizabeth Davis is working with colleagues to make web videos and podcasts to teach technology to 8-12 year olds and to encourage storytelling. 


It’s also a lot of fun to read about the unlibrarian-like activities these folks get up to in their spare time.  Jan Dawson is a roller derby queen and Megan Brooks plays ice hockey. 


I always wanted to win an award – I think I’ll go nominate myself right now!

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  1. Thanks for including me in this post

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