Resources for New Americans

A colleague, Chris Cook, was just at the Alaska Library Association conference and noticed the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services booth.  Evidently they realized that public libraries are a great place to distribute the information people need for naturalization or citizenship and will become a familiar face at library conferences in the future. 


I know we had some of their resources at my old library, but I didn’t realize they now have the questions and answers for the naturalization test online and available in Chinese, Tagalog and Vietnamese as well as Spanish and English.  It also occurred to me that putting a display with these resources by your Spanish language materials, letting your English as a Second Language tutors know about them and linking to them from the Spanish language version of your website would put them right into the hands of the people who need them most.  They also provide flash cards for studying, and a poster about the components of the test. 


As Chris pointed out, these materials would also be a great start for a K-12 civics curriculum.  Hopefully they are still teaching civics as it’s so important for us to understand our political process.  Because they’ve had to pass this test, those newest to our country sometimes know more about how our government works than some lifelong Americans do.


Thanks for the tip Chris!

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