Local Word of Mouth Advocacy (and Fundraising)

Thanks to Tame the Web for highlighting this great library promotion idea. 


This would be so easy to implement at your library, just have a Tell Us Your Story link on your home page that brings up a form where your patrons can submit testimonies of what your library means to them or how it has helped them help themselves or change their lives.  Voters respond to stories about how the library transforms lives and public officials respond to stories of how we solve community issues. 


So, start collecting stories right now for the next time you need to justify your budget.  You could even make some money at this if after they submit their story a form comes up asking them for donations (of course if you want the donations to be tax deductible you’ll need to run the money through a 501(c)3 organization).  And include a link to language that people can add to their will to make bequests to the library.

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One Response to Local Word of Mouth Advocacy (and Fundraising)

  1. jshaffner says:

    And you can do this kind oif promotion at your home library – see http://www.glendaleaz.com/Library/ (wait a second or two for the National Library Week banner to change. Thanks to Michael Schmidt for letting other libraries know about his idea!

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