Introduce children to the world

Here’s a great way for libraries that can’t afford multilingual texts to expand their youth collections virtually. 


The International Children’s Digital Library promotes diversity and makes it fun for kids to learn about other languages and cultures.  You don’t need to join to use it, just go to Read Books and choose from hundreds of books by age level, original language, length, subject and a whole host of options.  All the scanned pages from the chosen book quickly appear and on many titles you can then choose which language you’d like to read the book in.  With two windows you could see the English and Chinese (or Portuguese or Indonesian…) versions of the same book to use the site for language learning.


Librarians with access to computer projectors can use the site for digital storytimes and there’s a teacher’s training manual with tips and suggestions for classroom activities.  Check it out – it’s fun for adults too with colorfully illustrated Arabic slections and even some older books that’ll make you nostalgic.

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1 Response to Introduce children to the world

  1. Michael S. Hart says:

    LOVED THIS ONE, forwarding to everyone!!!

    International Children’s Digital Library A Library for the World’s Children


    Many thanks!!!

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