365 Library Days Project

You may have heard about the 365 Library Days Project at flickr.  It’s a photo website that shows 365 pictures of life in a library.  Any library is welcome to participate if they commit to uploading 365 pictures to the site.


This is a great idea, but how about adapting this concept to promote your own library’s services? Start taking photos around the library (remembering of course to get the necessary waivers).   Activities, events, story times and clubs are all great subjects, but even pictures of everyday library business can advertise your services.  You can put captions on the photos, so just by viewing snaps of staff and patrons interacting, curious patrons can learn about your reference services, databases, special collections, volunteer opportunities, new materials and formats …   Or how about asking thankful reference customers if you can take their picture and use their testimonial as a caption.  Then, just post your shots to your website as a slideshow, or as pages of thumbnail images or put one image on the home page and have it change every few seconds…  Or, commit to taking one picture each day and start an exhibit called “A Year in the Life of our Library.”  As we know, a picture is worth a thousand words, and when your patrons see how other people benefit from your services, they’ll want to try them out too.


I’d love to hear from any of you how you adapt this concept to promote your own library’s services via your website.   Or just tell us all how you’re using photos and videos to market your library.

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